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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wow, time flies!

Dang, It's been over a month since my last post. Sorry!!!

We've been busy with swim season. The USA State Champs are done, as are the weather-delayed YMCA State Champs. All in all it was a great championship season for our son and the team I coach. Medals galore, lots of shiny ribbons, and plenty of personal bests!

Spring is here and my business is gearing up for the busiest time for us. The warehouse is full and in the next 30 days, it will be empty. I'll get into that more, later.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kids philosophies

Why is it that the little darling that starts all the trouble is the loudest to complain with the punishment comes?? Usually the response from me comes from a line from the movie "Men In Black" and to quote Will Smith (while talking to the big bug) "If you don't start nothin', there won't be nothin'."

Damn, can't they figure this out on their own?? I'm a bit tired of telling the 20th kid, that "yes, they hit you back because you started it! You got what you deserved!"

Call me old school. I'm not buying the soft and cuddly approach with kids. Do you seriously think their boss will get all soft and cuddly when the "don't feel like working today...". Yeah, right. Let's teach them some coping skills like "I don't care if you feel a headache coming on, finish your project and quit complaining."

I'm out for now, but had to get that off my chest.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winter here again!

Winter is here again. Damn. I had hoped we could skate through the rest of the month without any really cold weather. Wrong again. It's 5F with a wind chill of -20F. Ok, I don't want to hear how cold it is from you east-coasters. Come to the midwest and we'll show you what cold is!

Anyway, it makes for some extra time indoor for those hearty winter meals. Made a big batch of chicken enchilada casserole last night, extra spicy. Helps keep you WARM! I'm not going to post the recipe here unless someone asks. Leave a comment and I'll post it later.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Alton Brown, Culinary Wizard!

Anyone else watch Alton?

We try to catch him as often as possible. Not only does he tell you what to do, but why! Many times, it makes much more sense after the "why" part, and makes cooking much easier.

Part MacGuyver, part Chef, and alway entertaining, who can deny that using a large ceramic chicken as a regular character is just short of genius. We've often re-created his recipes and found them easy to follow and VERY good. French Onion soup is one of the fav's and we make it several times each winter.

Another is beer. After watching his episode on brewing, I was inspired to give it a try. Around 30 bucks later, I had the basic equipment and ingredients and I too was a home brewer. It's still something I play with, and enjoy making a wide variety of styles just to try.

Anyone who can make a fish smoker out of a cardboard box, and a few items found lying around is my hero! Yeah, the details of the smoker are not in the link, but the recipe is and it's fantastic. For the smoker, you'll have to catch the episode sometime.

Watch Alton, learn, do........


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Still thinking Caribbean SCUBA Vacation!!!

Thinking again about vacations, our favorite Caribbean vacation spot is St Croix in the US Virgin Islands. It's not as commercialized as St Thomas, and more things to do than St John. It's small enough that you can be anywhere on the island in around 30 minutes. Beaches galore, and they are often deserted.

Usually we rent villas (houses). It sounds expensive, but it really is not. Compare the cost to a hotel or resort, and often it is cheaper. Besides, you have the place to yourself! Lounge, swim, soak up the sun, watch the world go by, whatever! We've used Vacation St Croix as our starting point, and couldn't be more pleased with the service that Marti and her staff have provided for us. They are awesome at finding the right fit for you. There are many rentals on the island, and there will be one to fit your budget and needs.

If you are a diver, check out N2 The Blue. Derrick and Annie own the place, but the rest of the staff is awesome. They all have tons of experience and very knowledgeable about diving on the island. They use a small boat, so you aren't crowded like cattle on a tour boat. I think they take out 6 divers, max. We've watched the other tours go out with dozens of divers. Not a pleasant experience!

Enough for now..... I'll post some pictures later


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It's time to think about vacation again.

Last year, we took a trip to the Carribean. It has become a yearly event for us. IT started 10 years ago when we won a $500 travel certificate to Mexico. My wife and I went alone to the Tulum area, just south of Playa del Carmen.

This time, scuba diving was the new adventure. We all took lessons, and everyone, including the 10 yr old passed. First trip down, we saw a SHARK! Talk about exciting! We can't wait to go back for more, but it will have to wait.

Our yearly foray will probably be to Colorado again this year. The planning phase has begun and the final destination will be Colorado Springs. There is a big event there called the State Games of America. http://www.stategames.org

To qualify, you must medal in an event at the local state games. Right now, I think all 50 states have state qualifying games.

Something on my mind

Winter, in the sense of the continum of life, is the season of ending... death. Really, it that true?

I sit here in the office, pondering life and human nature. People are not as they used to be. Life has gotten colder, people around us, less warm, and winter has reminded me of that.
Thinking that the white represents more than cold and death, it looks like a clean slate. It appears that winter wipes the slate clean.

From the mud and brown of early spring, flowers and green grass come forth. New animals are born. It is the season of re-birth.

Summer comes and all the activity that is associated. Chasing around to kids events, spending time with family and friends sipping a cold home-brew, grilling in the backyard. Entertaining. Life is good in the summer. All the cares seem to slip away for a while, and we're able to really enjoy life.

Fall brings with it the spectre of death. The season of growing is over and with it comes maturity and death. Also, people seem to harden in the fall. The laughing smiling faces of spring and summer are now diminished. Left are the saddened masses knowing that the year is coming to an end. They trudge through their daily routine and grouch at others around them.

Winter brings certain death. The once colorful flowers and trees are bare. Stark and shivering, the brown grass and bare shrubs seem to cower against the cold and harsh winter.

However, through the winter, life is about to spring again. Mother Nature must go through the cycle to begin again. I don't see Winter as the final season, just part of the cycle.

Life is similar.

Faced with a winter of death, I prefer to think of it as a transition from life to re-birth. With each new year brings the hope of a better one. Life is the same. Our souls may pass through a season of winter, but they are re-born again in the spring.

I'm not usually this dark, and that time has passed, but stark cold days make me ponder life and human nature.

Today is one of those days.